2014: tendances en matière de gestion du capital humain

Deloitte Consulting LLP and Bersin by Deloitte viennent de publier une étude intitulée:


Vous trouverez le document ici.

Histoire de vous mettre l’eau à la bouche, d’abord ce tableau :

As the world comes out of the recession, organizations see a new workforce, one that’s younger, more demanding, and more dynamic than ever. Our research identified 12 critical trends that are helping drive the human capital agenda for the coming year.


Le sondage a mis en lumière 10 grands constats:

We have identified the top 10 findings from of the survey, but invite you to interact with the Human Capital Trends Dashboard to explore the trends by geography, industry, and company size.

  1. Leadership, retention, HR skills, and talent acquisition are the top global trends in perceived urgency
  2. Companies report generally low levels of readiness to respond to the trends
  3. The largest capability gaps are reported in leadership, analytics, reskilling HR, talent acquisition and access, and the overwhelmed employee
  4. Leadership is the top priority in developed and growing economies
  5. While global trends are similar around the world, program needs vary by region
  6. Human capital priorities vary by industry, with one exception: Leadership
  7. “Excellent” HR companies and teams focus more intensely on the urgent global human capital trends
  8. Business leaders have less confidence in their organization’s readiness to deal with future trends than HR leaders
  9. HR and talent executives grade themselves a C-minus for overall performance
  10. Companies worldwide plan modest increases in talent and HR investments in 2014

Et la question qui tue: Toward a 21st-century talent agenda: Are HR and business leaders ready?

Une question à mille piastres qu’on devrait (ou qu’on devra…) se poser dans chaque organisation.

Cette étude nous donne un éclairage utile pour mener notre questionnement et nos constats.


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